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Ballsack backpack

What motivates people to develop styles of nut sack backpacks or testicle backpacks or ballsack backpacks similar to men’s testicles? Clearly, people are creative and want to surprise, shock the public and become famous with this hairy ballsack of handbags and will make you the envy of all men and loved by all women.

Well, that’s what makes people buy these  objects without the glasses of vodka, and even psychiatrists do not understand. Stand out from the crowd? Fashion? Or maybe, God forbid, beliefs? All entertainment sites spread around the wonderful uncle with a backpack in the form of eggs. The men fell into a state of shock and in the heat of passion simply “burned” in the comments: “Eggs on the back is maybe kick .. . “,” elephant scrotum purse from … “,” view collector sperm bank … “,” bad backpack cold decreases the size of … “,” if only shaved first, unhygienic … “,” in Metro will not lean on anybody … “, and so outdated you che, boys)))

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When you have one of these scrotum backpack,  Shave your head and look like a real dickhead . It carries all your typical gear along with your means of procreation.

And now let’s get back to the designers. This was not the first of its kind. What you see is called “Scrotum Sack” (“scrotum”) – brown bag calfskin, developed by British artist Grayson Perry (Grayson Perry). He is the owner of Turner Prize, the most prestigious in the world of contemporary art. 53-year-old brash Mr. Perry is a famous transvestite. His lovely handbag in the form of testicular he demonstrated in December 2013, in a store Liberty of London in London.

Bag of 32 cm it was part of his female image representing it the alter ego “Claire.” The design of the leather bags for such a colorful personality turned into a life-known master leather cases Andy Bates (Andy Bates). In spite of the great interest of buyers, he refused to make a second copy, and even more to mass-production. Production of handbags a scrotum took, he said, a few months. First was created a wooden form for bags, then the skin was painted by hand, using vegetable tanning. Then, soaked in water for a better stretching and stretched on wooden eggs.Technique tanning totals century and holds a master confidential. The bell on the end of an impromptu “member” was added by the very Grayson.


UPDATE:  October 29 2015

Looking for a ballsy backpack or Wondering with the question, “Where can i buy a testical backpack”, Well look no further, as one crowdfunded campaign is looking to do just that. Quite literally.

Aptly dubbed Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life, this sensual sack looks remarkably like real testicles thanks to some help from SFX artist C.J. Goldman. Created by one Daniel Bitton who is currently trying to raise $33K for production costs, it’s currently about halfway funded — so in all likelihood, it’s looking like the scrote tote will actually be a reality very, very soon.

And, of course, the finished product (in ebony or ivory) will cost $69 if you donate to the campaign now. Otherwise it’ll be $120 a piece — still a relatively cheap price to pay for a vessel “to hold the world’s most precious cargo: the human race.” Oh man, oh man.

Disgustingly Real, Viral “Scrotum Backpack” launches Kickstarter Indiegogo campaign to fund first round of production. So That ‘Giant human scrotum backpack’ Is Officially Going On Sale.

Seen enough scrotum satchels for the day, we now leave you with a few more photos so you can make the most informed consumer decision.
Scrotum Backup Details

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